Black History Month Campaign: Kamila Barbour

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on the unique contributions that Black members of the CAIR family make to advance justice across our nation every day. In this editorial, we’re highlighting our amazing designer, Kamila Barbour!

“My work in communication design is inspired by art activists like Faith Ringgold and Gordon Parks who used their craft to tell stories from the Black perspective and through much effort, worked to establish the Black narrative as an American standard,” Kamila says, “Like the many Black graphic designers whose work challenged these standards, I hope my work as an African American-Muslim woman helps to normalize and maintain the Muslim presence and Islamic culture in America.”

We thank Kamila for her amazing work, and we thank you for supporting our fight for justice here and abroad. That includes the fight for racial justice for the African-American community, including Black Muslims who must often confront the twin threats of anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Black racism.

With 27 years of civil rights and advocacy work behind us, CAIR is working to change racist policies, shift bigoted narratives, and ensure that every Muslim in America has this reassurance: if injustice reaches your doorstep, CAIR will be there, insha Allah.

We thank all our community members for your ongoing support, which helps us counter the injustice of racism whenever it arises — from workplaces to courtrooms. Thank you for standing with CAIR to help us build a just and equal America.